About Michele

Your Meditation Instructor

Michele Mattix – founder of ProMeditate – has been teaching meditation to groups and individuals since earning her meditation teacher certification in May, 2014. Her down-to-earth meditation courses make meditation accessible to everyone regardless of past experience, religious beliefs, age, or culture.

Michele has over 20 years experience as a professional trainer and technology consultant.  She has helped to bring geospatial technology to federal, state, and local governments, tribal agencies, universities, and private corporations.

Michele started meditating  in high school after learning a simple visualization technique and has since practiced many forms of meditation for relaxation, personal growth, and spiritual development. Meditation has been pivotal in helping her live a more grounded, healthy, and meaningful life.

Michele received her meditation teaching certification from the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona.  At the heart of her training is a simple, dogma-free meditation technique that can be taught to anyone with a willingness to learn.  She frames meditation in a modern context by highlighting  scientific findings, meditation’s effect on stress and brain health, and fact versus fiction about what meditation is and how to practice it.

Based in Sedona, Arziona, Michele  teaches meditation to individuals and organizations.  She is also available for public speaking and for guiding group meditations at ceremonies and other events.