Ongoing Meditation Events

Meditate in the Sedona Vortex Energy - An AirBnB Experience

Coming to Sedona?  Join me and fellow seekers for a 90-minute meditation experience of a lifetime.  This AirBnB Experience is one of the first and highest-rated in Sedona. You will be out on the red rocks, learn foundational truths about meditation, tune in to the amazing Sedona energy, and be guided through a powerful meditation. Click the image below to learn more and sign up:

Private Meditation Packages in Sedona

Take advantage of Sedona's energy while you're in town and super-charge your meditation practice.   Pick your package.

Sedona Meditation Package

  • Package 1: Peace A 1.5 hour foundational meditation experience to tap into the peace that dwells within you and tools to make it part of your daily practice.  Learn more.
  • Package 2: Connection A 3 hour immersion into the power and beauty of Sedona and a series of meditation practices to help you connect to nature and the wisdom of your own heart. Learn more.
  • Package 3: Enlightenment The ultimate Sedona meditation 5 hour mini-retreat for going deeply within to renew your spiritual vitality and access transformational insights to help repattern your life.  Learn more.