Sedona Meditation Mini-Retreat Package 3:  Enlightenment

The ultimate, premium Sedona meditation mini-retreat for going deeply within to renew your spiritual vitality and access transformational insights to help repattern your life.

We will be in powerful Sedona locations to discuss where you are in your inner life, where you’d like to be, and to learn meditation tools that will help you get there with grace and ease.

Choose the focus for your Enlightenment mini-retreat:

  1. Clarity & Purpose Dive within yourself to gain clarity on who you truly and what your purpose in this life is. You will hear your heart's desire and develop a plan for flowing towards the you you are meant to be. Ideal for those ready to listen to the voice within and take steps to heed its call.
  2. Calm & Strong Learn meditation tools and practices to ease your mind, body, and emotions and to build resiliency in your nervous system.  This option is best for those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other well-being challenges they would like to address with mediation.
  3. Spiritual Warrior Are you ready to go where your spirit is longing to explore? The Spiritual Warrior option is perfect for people who are intuitive and enjoy exploring within.

The Enlightenment meditation mini-retreat includes:

  • Sage ceremony
  • Intention setting
  • Meditation instruction and discussion
  • Various meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Lunch - mindful eating
  • Meditate with Michele -a CD of guided meditations
  • A meditation booklet
  • A journal for capturing insights
  • A follow-up 20-minute phone consultation

5 hours, $875, $450 for each additional person.



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