Corporate Training


Mindfulness Meditation Training for Organizations

Organization-level training takes place on-site at your organization’s location.  Choose from our standard programs, below, or let us work with you to customize the training to meet your specific needs and time frame.

Our programs are 100% dogma free – they are designed to fit right in with any existing religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

On-Site Programs

All of our on-site group programs include:

  • Meditation CD and booklet for each participant
  • On-site mindfulness meditation instruction & guided meditation practice
  • Understand what meditation is
  • Discuss misconceptions about meditation
  • Learn an easy mindfulness meditation
  • Understand what non-meditating mindfulness is
  • Learn mindfulness techniques
  • Learn the benefits of meditation & mindfulness
  • Learn how mindfulness meditation changes you brain
  • How you can maximize your brain’s function
  • Learn techniques to increase your emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the effects of stress
  • Guided meditation exercise
  • One-on-one personalized attention

Basic Mindfulness Meditation Training for Organizations

Includes two-and-a-half hours of mindfulness and meditation instruction plus guided meditation practice.  Price: $250 per person.

Standard Mindfulness Meditation Training for Organizations

Includes three-and-a-half hours of instruction PLUS two 1-hour follow-up visits to provide guided meditation practice and time for questions and answers.  Price: $350 per person.


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