Why Certification Matters in Meditation Training

As ProMeditate’s lead instructor, I earned my certification as a meditation instructor from the McLean Meditation Institute in 2014. The 200-hour program includes studying meditation and related texts and scientific findings, practicing daily mindfulness meditation for a minimum of 6 months, practice teaching meditation topics and leading group meditation, and mentorship and supervision from the program’s founder and other meditation experts.


Certification Means Commitment

Certification is not a requirement to call yourself a meditation trainer. I’ve been meditating for years and working as a consultant and trainer for most of my career.  So why did I bother getting certified? One word: Commitment.

I am committed to improving myself – both personally and professionally. The dedication required to obtain my meditation teacher certification illustrates my commitment.

It is easy for some people to assume that they are already an expert in their field and that certification is not necessary. But we never know what we don’t know. Any certification training program worth its salt will do much more than reiterate what you already know.  It will challenge you to think about topics more deeply, broaden your awareness, and humble you by revealing how much you didn’t know and how hard you must work to pass the course.

Certification Means Trust

Professional certification also helps you when choosing a meditation instructor. It lets you know that the person you are about to do business with has credibility – that a professional organization has assessed my knowledge and skill and deemed me worthy of providing professional meditation training. The certifying body is saying “we trust this person and so can you.”

But not all certification programs provide the same degree of training and oversight. It is up to you to investigate the certifying organization and assess its quality.

Certified Meditation Training

Just as buying certified organic apples, choosing a certified meditation instructor gives you peace of mind that you are in good hands. But that shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. Classroom experience, any possible religious or metaphysical beliefs that underpin the training, and a compatible personality are also important.

Getting certified bespeaks commitment and professionalism. ProMeditate is committed to providing dogma-free meditation training to individuals and organizations. Our training programs are based on sound techniques scientifically shown to improve your health and well-being when practiced regularly.

I know that trust must be earned and I hope that my certification will serve as a token of my desire to earn yours.